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If you have been in an accident it is important to call us right away! 

Every second you wait creates opportunities for insurance companies to exploit gaps in treatment. While your injuries worsen tire marks fade , cars get repaired , memories get worse, but the pain will remain. Don't let pain be the lingering reminder that leaves you wondering why didn't call an attorney to begin with. 

Call Now: 

-Don't wait until your insurance company offers you nothing

-Don't let a rear end collision and the bad customer service of another insurance company leave you without options.

-Let us fight the insurance companies for you.

This is not a battle you cannot win on your own: Insurance companies have teams of employees who do nothing but deal with minimizing the damages from your claim. These are some of the nations largest publicly held companies, so as such they must remain profitable which means maintaining a reasonable level of profit to loss, rather than revolving around putting the welfare of each customer first. Insurance companies are focused on minimizing losses right aways, and while you may have a permanent injury you only have a limited window of time and money to treat your injury under insurance. This is why its imperative that you seek a lawyer to make sure you have a treatment plan that covers you for the duration of you life. 



Check out The Ferris Law Firm on Yelp