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For the past 30 years Attorney John Ferris has been practicing law in the state of Colorado. During this time he has settled over 3000 cases. With recoveries totaling over 100 million dollars. 


Our Mission

To fight as your personal injury advocate to help you rebuild your life. 

Thus Far In 2018 we have obtained the following results for our clients:

26 year old woman air lifted to ER after her vehicle was T-boned when a car failed to yield.
Injuries include head, neck and facial trauma along with abdominal and pelvis injury.
Settlement $1,375,000

54 year old woman injured as a result of T-bone collision when a driver took her right of way. Injuries to her medial plantar nerve and ankle requiring surgery. Also suffered soft tissue neck and back injuries.
Settlement: $442,000

Local attorney suffered a hamstring injury, mild traumatic brain injury and neck and back injury after another driver took his right of way while driving.
Settlement $82,5000

60 year old veteran injured when a driver swerved into our clients lane of traffic causing them to run off road and collide into wall. The at fault driver fled the scene.
Injuries include C6-7 left facet injury and lumbar injuries including L1-2 and L2-3 spinal stenosis.
UM Settlement $350,000

Date: March 2018
Outcome: $150,000
Description: Client walking on street when a motorcycle when up on curb and knocked them over requiring rotator cuff repair and treatment for PTSD.

Date: March 2018
Outcome: $50,000.00
Description: Client hit by a driver who took their right of way. Client hit so hard their vehicle was slammed into a parked car on the street. Client suffered soft tissue issues and annular fissure.

Date: February 2018
Outcome: $75,000.00
Description: Client T-boned when driver ran a red light travelling 30mph. After treating for a year for soft tissue injuries insurance company offered $31,000. Case settled at mediation for $75,000.00.

Date: February 2018
Outcome: $55,000.00
Description: Client suffered a wrist fracture while being hit by a vehicle while was sitting at nail salon when a person backed their car through the store front window.

Date: January 2018
Outcome: $110,000
Description: Client lucky enough to walk away from head on collision which occurred in mountain pass with soft tissue injuries. Injuries required a year long PT program. Insurance company initial offer $26,780, saying client overtreated by medical providers. Case settled at mediation 2 weeks prior to trial.
Date:February 2017
Outcome: $275,000
Description: Client rear ended by a distracted driver as she was pulling out of spot in parking lot requiring right knee and hip surgery.
— Practice Area: Auto Accident
Date: February 2017
Outcome: $215,000
Description: Client injured when a driver ran a red light hit into her car causing injury to her chest requiring reconstructive breast surgery.
— Practice Area: Auto Accident
Date: March 2017
Outcome: $265,000
Description: Client injured in a 4 car chain reaction collision needing right hip replacement.
— Practice Area: Auto Accident
Date: April 2016
Outcome: $350,000
Description: Client suffered substantial injuries in car accident requiring a Mircrodiscectomy and a Three level lumbar fusion
— Practice Area: Auto Accident
Date: Aug 03, 2015
Outcome: $850,000.00
Description: Clients 65 year old father killed by a drunk driver. Also 3 other family members in car injured.
— Practice Area: Wrongful Death
Date: Jun 30, 2015
Outcome: $300,000.00
Description: Woman bit by dog above eye at a child’s birthday party. Client sustained permanent muscle damage in eye.
— Practice Area: Animal & Dog Bites

Date: Feb 20, 2015
Outcome: $220,000.00
Description: Client went to pharmacy drive through window, to pick up prescriptions . Client informed he needed to come into store for pick up. Client informed the pharmacist that he was on crutches and requested that the pharmacist open the box to fit the medication through the drive through drawer. The pharmacist informed him that they were unable to comply with his request and again informed him that if he wanted his prescriptions, he would be required to come to the pharmacy counter inside the store. While entering the store, client fell on the wet grate at the entrance.Client Suffered broken hip requiring surgery.
— Practice Area: Personal Injury - Premises Liability
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